Why your business needs a brochure

Brochure Design

If you run a business, you may have considered different ways to advertise. Though it seems like a little effort, having a brochure for your business can deliver exceptional results. If you have already given this idea a thought, this article can help you decide whether you need to go ahead or change your opinion about advertising through a company brochure.

Create a brochure for your business

Why your business needs a brochure?

Many businesses generally stay away from brochures because they think this requires a lot of effort. However, the issue is that brochures provide phenomenal marketing results. If you’ve ever talked to someone about creating a brochure and told you not to do so because of their past experience, maybe brochure design was not done correctly.

To get the desired results, you need to make sure you fill in the correct information. Creating a professional brochure is very similar to creating the logo that represents your business.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to create a Brochure for your business:

Positive Impression
When it comes to advertising, saying “the first impression is the last impression” is what matters. If you design your brochure well, people have a good impression of your business and they deserve your commitment and professionalism. In addition, an eye-catching design leaves an eternal positive impression, which can increase sales and profits.

Cost effective
Compared to other marketing methods, booklet printing is relatively cheaper. In addition, the investment rate is higher.

Rapid design
If you are on a short deadline to promote an event, including the launch or annual meeting, brochures can be made as soon as possible.

In addition to product images or the presentation of the service you provide, a brochure can add more value and useful information to readers. People love to read helpful information and appreciate advice and advice. So, for example, if you are in real estate, you can share some tips about renovating the house etc.

If you are looking for a unique advertising solution for your business, you are in the right place. Dublin Web Design is an advertising agency that offers a full range of logo/flyer/brochure design, printing solutions for its customers. In addition, Dublin Web Design helps you distribute your message to the target audience, saving both time and money.

Secure your website adding an SSL Certificate

Secure your website adding an SSL Certificate

What is SSL?
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is an internet protocol providing a secure connection between a web browser and a server.

A security certificate (also called SSL) helps one computer understand that the other computer trying to communicate with it is legitimate or safe. Security certificates help keep data safe during transmission over the internet.

SSL Certificate | Dublin Web Design

The advantages of having an SSL Certificate
Google announced in 2014 that it would be using SSL as a ranking factor in search. In other words that mean if you have a security certificate applied to your domain, Google uses that signal to place you above other sites that may not have that feature (all else being equal of course).

If you do not have SSL applied to your site it’s probably a good idea to start thinking about it. Otherwise, your competition has a distinct advantage.

Picking your SSL provider
Don’t just buy a certificate from any old web hosting or SSL provider. At best you or your web development team will have a hard time installing it. At worst you could be compromising your website’s security without even knowing it.

Choosing your Certificate Trust Level
SSL certificates are not a one-size-fits-all type of thing. There are various price points, levels of sophistication and configurations depending on how many domains you are using the certificate on.

Different providers may have different names for their product offerings but in general here’s what you’ll find:
Single Domain: This is a standard certificate used on one domain (i.e. https://dwd.ie)
Wildcard Certificate: Typically used for multiple types of domains (i.e. sub-domain and primary domain like www.dwd.ie and shop.dwd.ie)
Multiple domains: Used for many different domains (i.e. www.dwd.ie and www.dublinwebdesign.eu)

The cost of each of these usually goes up the more variation there is in what you need. You should look for certs that have 99% browser recognition, some type of guarantee or warranty.

For the most part, websites that are not transferring sensitive information over the internet (i.e. credit card numbers, PPS No. etc) do not need a sophisticated and expensive SSL option.

Adding SSL to your Website
When you add SSL to your website, you are changing the URLs of links that are pointing to your website. Whenever this happens you have the potential to lose rankings in search.
– Make sure whoever is installing your certificate properly redirects HTTP to HTTPS
– If you are using a CMS like WordPress, remember to change your default URL in settings to HTTPS
– If you have your domain configured in Google Analytics and Search Console, make sure Google knows that your new URL is HTTPS

If you’ve never installed an SSL cert before (or maybe you’re just not that technically inclined), we strongly recommend having a web development company do it for you. Mistakes in adding SSL to a website can cause a poor user experience or could even stop your site from loading.

Keeping SSL Up To Date
Once you have a security certificate installed on your website, you have to get it re-issued each year. If you do not, your certificate will expire and users will get a security warning when visiting your site. They will still be able to proceed past security warnings but many browsers do a good job of scaring people into thinking they are in danger if they visit your site.

Dublin Web Design offers and installs SSL certificates starting as low as €49.

Secure your website now!

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Digital Marketing in Dublin

Digital Marketing Agency in Dublin

We are a Digital Marketing company based in Dublin, Ireland. We would like to draw your attention regarding your website promotion plan & strategy.

1. Are you getting adequate Google traffic on your website?
2. Are you gaining competitive advantage or Google is routeing traffic at your competitor’s website?
3. How do you manage your social media platform?
4. Get your website on Google’s top search result based on the relevant keywords and help customers to reach your door step.
5. Do you feel your website is attractive enough to retain customers or traffic is bouncing back to other websites?

Digital Marketing solutions | Dublin Web Design

If you cannot capitalise your market due to above factors, then we have a solution for you. We are experts on following services.

1. Google optimisation (SEO)
2. Social media promotion
3. Blog Marketing
4. Brand Reputation (Removing bad reviews)
5. Website design & development

Talk to our experts today for better assistance. Please let us know the below queries so that we can do a proper analysis.

– The website you want to optimise
– Any specific keywords you want to target
– Have you got encountered with a negative review and you want to remove that?
– Do you want to change the website design template?

Please help us with the above queries to help you in better ways.